“But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee.” Job 12:7a KJV

Sheila Varian  Arroyo Grande, California

“I have known a number of what I would call the ‘great horseman.’  The horsemen that are exceptional at understanding and relating to horses as they train…  Always training from the horses point of view with the idea that their horses should stay sound in to old age, that there should be very few horses that with thoughtful training shouldn’t be successful in some field whether it be at the top of the Olympic stage or a totally trustful horse in the mountains.

Lester Buckley is one of the ‘great horsemen’  in my mind… if you don’t know him, meet him.   If you haven’t ridden with him, ride with him, because he will set you on the most wonderful new road to training your horses in the most thoughtful and understandable manner…  after you have spent time with Lester you will say as we do here at Varian Arabians…  Lester is magical in the different thoughts he brings to training.    If you are serious about horses, training horses, taking care of your horses, you will love Lester Buckley.

Lester has come up with a soft and gentle very clear and concise way to teach horses so they can understand with no punishment.  

Lester has made a profound step up in how we are training horses here at Varian Arabians… it is an exciting time.”

Julie Miller – Eventer

“During nearly 15 years as an eventer, I have done clinics and studied with Karen O’Connor, Dorothy Crowell, Jimmy Wofford, Denny Emerson and many others.  While their insights are invaluable, I can honestly say that working with Lester Buckley was the most worthwhile training I ever experienced.  Lester is able to see things from the horse’s point of view and then translate for the rider.  He understands what you’re trying to do, figures out what’s getting in the way, designs personalized exercises specific to you and your horse, and breaks it down into action items that you and your horse can practice.  Lester combines an encyclopedic knowledge of horses with intuition and feel.  Lester is the real deal….a true horseman in the very best sense of the word.  I would go a long way out of my way for the opportunity to train with Lester Buckley.”

Leopoldo Palacios J. – FEI  Official International Show Jumping Course Designer

“My Friend Lester, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to exchange our thoughts and philosophies about horses.  Many of your ideas have increased my  understanding of the horse.  You are a person with very natural abilities in handling and training horses.  With the combination of your deep understanding of the nature and the spirit of the horse and your technical knowledge of dressage and show jumping,  you can really improve our horses and riders – with lightness and sincere respect for the horse. For the discipline of jumping, which is my area of expertise, I think you are fantastic!”

Robert M. Miller, DVM, Thousand Oaks, CA

“I WAS SURPRISED AND DELIGHTED to see the article on Lester Buckley. We both participated in the Light Hands Horsemanship clinic in Santa Ynez, California, at the end of May, and he never mentioned the forthcoming article. It was typical of this unassuming, modest man, who I consider to be the most versatile horseman alive in the world today. Not since Jimmy Williams has there been a cowboy who was a master of Western horsemanship and simultaneously a world-class instructor in open jumping and classical dressage.” Quoted from Western Horseman Magazine

Nancy David Dillon

“I am so thrilled that Western Horseman chose to highlight Lester Buckley [“Finding Harmony,” July], one of my favorite horsemen, English or Western!” Quoted from Western Horseman Magazine

Catherine Mack, Connemara Breeder

“Lester gets more from each horse by having the rider become more aware of the horse, quieter, more polite in asking what one wants and WOW!It really works!…I loved every single minute of Lester’s lesson.  I can say with complete sincerity that Lester Buckley has already changed my riding for the better, and [I] can hardly wait for the arrival of the next clinic.”  – 2011 Marshall, Virginia

“Lester’s clinic changed my life… again! All I want to do is ride, ride, ride.  Happy Thanksgiving and thank you a thousand times plus!”  -2012 Marshall, Virginia

Jack Brainard, Legendary Texas Horseman and Author.  May 2008 Santa Ynez Clinic.

“Lester ,You woke a lot of people up here today, (regarding the anatomy of the horse and how to properly develop the horse)…you can come and ride my horses anytime.”

May 2011 LHH Clinic– “Lester rode that young horse around and had him moving his feet and body in balance and brought him into collection ‘as pretty as you please’ and the little horse never even knew he was being trained.”

Debbie Darrin, Dressage Rider, Napa Valley Clinic 2008

“His insight and coaching is a blessing to horses and humans who endeavor to have a partnership. His website may look more cowboy to you, but do not put him in a box in your mind. He is universal.”

Willie Richardson, National Cutting Horse Association Hall of Fame Rider and Open World Champion, 1998 Santa Rosa NM.

“Lester Buckley worked for me as my assistant trainer and right hand man for over 7 years. I can highly recommend Lester  as a genuine skilled horseman and also as a loyal friend at all times.”

"With respect for the horse."

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